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August 31st, 2016 by J

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Jennifer Coolidge just can’t help but go wild with her stepson’s best friend the moment she saw his bulge. Fortunately, the jock is into her too that he started playing with her massive tits and that wet pussy. Anal sex is the best to go with this naughty cougar and they both enjoyed the kinky quickie, no doubt!

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April 14th, 2016 by J

Jennifer Coolidge is an American actress and comedian who appeared in various films and TV shows. Apart from being busy on screen and other projects she is involved in to improve her acting career, she has other activities on the side, which gets her back into a recharged mood after months of stressful work. I’m not talking about early morning walks at the park or getting into advanced positions in yoga to balance her chi, she is into a more physical and mental process with one of her long-time ‘trainers’. It’s no mystery why Coolidge isn’t married to any man and she doesn’t have any kids either, plainly because she can’t take any romantic relationships seriously, ends up sleeping around, and she never wanted any kids in the first place. She values her needs and wants above everything else that’s why she doesn’t want any of these ruining the fun for her.

Busty Jennifer Coolidge having rough sex with a BBC

She would just hook up with these black men who has what she wanted, a big black throbbing dick, that she can use to please herself. This actually helps a lot with building up her character when she’s on a comedic mood and role, as she can deliver some comical speeches about sex, make people laugh, without them knowing she’s referring to her personal experiences, which make it the more interesting. Her personal empowering energy comes from this BBC who likes making videos when they are having rough sex. Sucking on that massive dick and sticking it inside her cunt make her feel that she’s one sex goddess being refuelled somehow. Oh, and don’t forget the bonus spiritual chakra that gives Jennifer a clearer view of things, a nice spray of hot spunk on her face. It’s all fun and games for this busty blonde slut.

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October 1st, 2010 by jenni

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So, you say you’re a American Pie fan huh? You have every single movie of that brilliantly-made comedy film series complete with the straight-to-DVD spin-offs, posters and what not? That’s cool. If you ask me, I think the ladies of the American Pie series are really tasty-looking, starting with the blonde hottie Mena Suvari, the seductive vixen Shannon Elizabeth to the hot bombshell Tara Reid and kinky Alyson Hannigan, but there is only one hot mama I’ve kept an eye on since day one. It‘s this big bucket of MILFy goodness that is Stifler’s Mom, well, Jennifer Coolidge in real life.

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Yeah, this hot MILF truly rules, especially if you like your women with some meat on their bones and a whole lot of experience! Seen here are Jennifer Coolidge’s leaked naked pics showing her fully naked tits and pussy. This sexy cougar really knows how to work it! Just check out these hot and raunchy Jennifer Coolidge nude photos. Oh Stiffler’s Mom, you are so hot!

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April 27th, 2010 by jenni

Aww shit, this is what I’m talkin’ about! Finally, the real deal. Jennifer Coolidge is taking her fiery-hot milf persona to a whole new level. A new level that reaches out to milf-loving stiff cocks from all around. I bet if you type milf in google and click images, the pictures of this devilish mamacita will pop up in the search results. Totally expected. Let’s begin with her tits, they are the juiciest tits I’ve seen in a while after Anna Nicole Smith. There’s nowhere in this world I want my face to be in right now than between her massive jugs.

Next, her curves. Who else can possibly be built like a coca-cola bottle expect she is probably way sexier! Oh and let’s not forget about those luscious lips made for sucking cocks for hours! Now here’s the bonus…if youre wondering wether she’s shaved or grows a bush, wonder no more. Seen here is Jennifer’s never before seen shot of her pussy…and just as imagined it to be, she is shaved which is perfect so I can see the wet cunt I’m pounding for when I get to bang her in my dreams!

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October 20th, 2009 by jenni

We know Jennifer Coolidge for her signature cooing voice, her infinitely pouting smackers, and the body of an oversexed amazonian blonde. Her lush tits, coupled with her independent stride, make her a fine woman capable of many sexual feats. Look at this snapshot of Jennifer Coolidge blowing a kiss for her fans; the paparazzo who took this shot had good timing, capturing Jennifer in one of her many alluring flavors. That mouth, blowing a kiss, would look better wrapped around a cock or two, and that hand could do well in catching the cum dripping from the cock in her mouth, to save for when she later rubs it all over her pussy and still wanting tongue. Get to work with your photoshopping skills guys, this photo’s porn potential is all laid out for you. But it wouldn’t really be necessary, because we have more photos of Jennifer Coolidge in the nude, raw and real.  These softcore samples are merely teasers for the bigger things ahead. Click, and you’re there.

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October 20th, 2009 by jenni

We can’t talk about Jennifer Coolidge without mentioning American Pie. The box-office hit gets credit for popularizing Jennifer as a MILF, who played the elusive, but highly sought after Stifler’s Mom. Her image as the big, busty mom with an appetite for young cock invaded Jennifer Coolidge’s personality, her presence calling to mind one thing only: the mom who isn’t opposed to a rowdy bout of pool table sex.

Stifler’s Mom evokes so many naughty images of hot and unbridled MILF action, the way her subtle seduction worked its way through the character Finch’s kinky teen fetishes. And who wouldn’t jack off to the idea of a hot, single mom living next door who likes rubbing her pussy against the porch railings in suggestion every time you take out the trash? Face it, there are a lot of horny moms out there lugging around a frigid married life, ready to pounce on any neighbor’s waiting cock. The idea of fucking a pussy that’s supposed to be off limits is something both risky and highly arousing at the same time. And a body like Jennifer Coolidge’s–voluptuous curves, big tits you can gag on all day, and a sex appeal brimming with lust–man, that makes me want to smother her in my spunk all afternoon. Again, Jennifer looks game enough to do anything, like take it in the ass, have her big tits humped, or make her choke and shudder from deep throating my boner. And the frosting on the cake? You’re at full liberty to call her Stifler’s Mom.

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Jennifer Coolidge is the accidental titty flasher

October 20th, 2009 by jenni

I’m sure Jennifer Coolidge is a bright woman, being the effective comedienne that she is, but it seems the dumb gene that some blondes pass on to each other like a virus nested on her head, like a scourge of mosquitoes she just can’t wave off. This imbecility I’m talking about, however, is lightweight, almost accidental, but it’s the kind that I actually encourage in her, due to some situations she repeatedly finds herself in. Perhaps some of her dumb blonde roles have gotten into her head, but anyway, I’ll quit babbling and get to the point.

Jennifer Coolidge has earned the reputation for often finding herself naked or near out of her clothes outside her home in Hollywood. Reporters have found her naked and running after her dog when she saw the scheming canine bolting through the open doors of her house. She was taking a shower at the time, and, true to her pet lover’s instincts, chased after her pup without realizing she had no clothes on. In another incident, she came out in just a shirt and panties to get something from her car, thinking nobody would see. As is the nature of things, her little nudie trip across the curb spread all over the web, to her amusement.

Accidental flashing is just as good as the deliberate kind, which is why Jennifer Coolidge should be on the list of celebrities who tend to be a little naughtier than they let on. With those huge tits she carries around, plus her strangely present sex appeal, she should watch out for perverts taking advantage of careless blondes like her. But it appears she’s already been negligent of her off-screen activities, what with these nude pictures of Jennifer Coolidge we’ve gathered. Even if we rarely see her strip in public (at least deliberately), you can be sure to get your fill of MILF action here on Jennifer Coolidge Nude. Grab them while they’re hot.