Jennifer Coolidge Nude

The mother of all MILFs. That’s Jennifer Coolidge, who has set an almost universal set of standards as to how a fuckable mom should be. Is it her lips, permanently puckered up to exchange an invisible kiss? Is it her blonde demeanor, accidentally gullible but still sexy to an unbelievable level? Or it could be that huge pair of tits she bumps around, her tightly packed cleavage threatening to let loose. It’s probably all of it, wrapped around the naughty, maternal aura she so faintly exudes that makes her the consummate Mom We’d All Like To Fuck.

Before becoming the flagbearer of bangable moms all around the world, Jennifer Coolidge started out as a comedian for The Groundlings comedy group with co-beginners Will Ferrel and Chris Kattan. She then made her debut in television by appearing in an episode of Seinfeld as Jerry’s hilarious masseuse girlfriend. But it was in 1999 that she gained popularity as a MILF when she played the role of Stifler’s mom in American Pie. Her suggestive, but altogether silly antics in the film merited her more projects, although nothing that nabbed her leading roles in a film. Even after starring as Hillary Duff‘s wicked stepmother in A Cinderella Story or as Reese Witherspoon‘s supportive manicurist in Legally Blonde, Jennifer Coolidge’s image as the MILF of all MILFs carried on, more so in the minds of her man fans.

Desperate people will agree that any pussy is still a pussy, but some guys have distinct, almost fucked up preferences in their porn. This is why today’s porn is spread out in categories, often overlapping to cater to the picky perv who likes a Blonde, Long-Haired MILF with Big Boobs and who Yips Like a Puppy during Anal Sex while Tied Up in Leather Straps. Don’t deny it, we all have our kinky fetishes when it comes to getting off. And thank god Jennifer Coolidge Nude is here to attend to the same picky perv I just mentioned, which could probably be you. If you like how this celebrity MILF talks so sensuously she’s almost cooing, or how her comedic stance somehow makes her even sexier, then you’re on the right page. We’ll leave out the fact that she’s actually single; it’s the looks, and our well-molded fantasies that matter.