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Jennifer Coolidge is a totally horny MILF

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

We can’t talk about Jennifer Coolidge without mentioning American Pie. The box-office hit gets credit for popularizing Jennifer as a MILF, who played the elusive, but highly sought after Stifler’s Mom. Her image as the big, busty mom with an appetite for young cock invaded Jennifer Coolidge’s personality, her presence calling to mind one thing only: the mom who isn’t opposed to a rowdy bout of pool table sex.

Stifler’s Mom evokes so many naughty images of hot and unbridled MILF action, the way her subtle seduction worked its way through the character Finch’s kinky teen fetishes. And who wouldn’t jack off to the idea of a hot, single mom living next door who likes rubbing her pussy against the porch railings in suggestion every time you take out the trash? Face it, there are a lot of horny moms out there lugging around a frigid married life, ready to pounce on any neighbor’s waiting cock. The idea of fucking a pussy that’s supposed to be off limits is something both risky and highly arousing at the same time. And a body like Jennifer Coolidge’s–voluptuous curves, big tits you can gag on all day, and a sex appeal brimming with lust–man, that makes me want to smother her in my spunk all afternoon. Again, Jennifer looks game enough to do anything, like take it in the ass, have her big tits humped, or make her choke and shudder from deep throating my boner. And the frosting on the cake? You’re at full liberty to call her Stifler’s Mom.

You can check out more of Jennifer Coolidge’s nude pictures as the busty MILF that she is by clicking on the link provided here. It’s all ready to feed your fantasies, guys.